About Us


PAUL CINIRAJ MINISTRIES is a nondenominational ministry committed to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to India and the Third World. We cooperate with numerous ministries around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the Gospel message with their fellow countrymen. We demonstrate God’s awesome love for His creation by meeting the needs of individuals, both physically and spiritually. We have opted to work with native believers in each country who are eager to follow the call of Jesus, given to all Christians, according to Matthew 28:18-20.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj, Founder and President of the Paul Ciniraj Ministries was a Muslim by birth, and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord on his 21st birthday, while he was studying in the University. He was baptized, anointed by the Holy Spirit and became a preacher of the Lord. Now he is  60 years of age and winning souls for Christ. His wife Mercy Ciniraj is the Director of the Ministries
Paul Ciniraj Ministries concentrate on evangelizing India and the Third World Nations through preaching, teaching and doing charitable works and winning souls unto Jesus Christ.
We donate Bibles in all different Indian languages and distribute the Scriptures to the sick, poor, needy and gentiles. We also share the Good News with Muslims who form an underground churches in India and the other developing nations.
There is great hunger for the Word of God in India, which is the second largest in the world, just behind China, with 1.2 billion people. India has 16 major languages and hundreds of medium and small languages, though Hindi is the National language.
The Bible Society of India, publishes the Holy Bible in 65 languages in India and the New Testament in an additional 69 languages. Translations are ongoing in another 75 languages. In all of India there are only 2% Christians. India’s population is more than 1.2 Billion. Out of this 80% are Hindus, 14% Muslims, 2% Christians and others are 6%. 98 out of 100 are unreached with the Gospel. It is their aim to donate Bibles, New Testaments and simple Gospels throughout India in many languages as much as they can. By this ministry, many Hindus and Muslims are experiencing the Salvation of Jesus Christ.
Missionaries and evangelists, and many believers are facing much persecutions against evangelizing India and the Third World Nations. But our Lord’s return is very near. So India needs to be evangelized very quickly. The harvest is plenty; but the laborers are few; prayer supporters are even fewer. Please have a thirst for India’s evangelization.
We believe that mankind was created to fellowship with God, but the freewill to sin took him far away from Gods presence.
That the wages of Sin is death.
That Jesus[the only son of God] was born on this earth thru a virgin girl called mary [a miracle].
That Jesus died on the cross to destroy the power of sin in our lives.
That Jesus rose from the dead to destroy the power of death from mankind.
That Jesus Ascended to heaven and is seated on the right hand of the father.
That the Holy Spirit is the Power, the Comforter, the helper and the Annointing for the Church and that the Holy Spirit is more than just an experience : HE IS A PERSON.
That that Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three distinct personalities but One God.
That God has given the Believer the authority of “Signs and Wonders”.
That healing is both spiritual and Physical.
That The Believing, Immersion baptized believer will be saved.
We believe in the Gifts and fruit of the Spirit.
We believe that Jesus will come and take us be with him on the day of Rapture.
That Jesus and the heavenly hosts will destroy the antichrist in the battle of Armageddon.
That the whole earth will be judged on the Judgement day.
That the faithful church will live in heaven for eternity

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