by Mercy Ciniraj
Pastor Paul Ciniraj with street children

Capital – New Delhi
.Size/Area – 1,229,737 sq miles
.Population – 1.2 Billion
.Time Zone – 12.5 hours ahead of CST
.National Language(s) – Hindi (India has 16 major languages and hundreds of medium and small languages. According the Bible Society of India, they publish the Holy Bible in 65 languages in India and the New Testament in an additional 69 languages. Translations are on going in another 75 languages)
Paul Ciniraj Ministries educating adults
.Currency – Indian Rupee (INR)
.Type of Government – Federal Republic
.Current Leader – Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh
.Compulsory Education – 6 to 14 years
.Literacy – 73% (male); 48% (female)
Pastor Paul Ciniraj sharing Gospel with a poor family
.Religion – Hindu (80%), Muslim (14%), Christian (2%), other (6%). (Though Muslims are 14% in India, it is the second largest Muslim populatied country in the world. First is Indonesia).
.India is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan.
.Although India occupies only 2.4% of the world’s land area, it supports over 15% of the world’s population. 1.2 Billion people. Only China has a larger population.
.There are an estimated 35 million orphans (all of sub-Saharan Africa has 43 million). 9% of all children in India are orphans.
.No country can rival India’s children in need. Of India’s nearly 400 million under 18, over 70 million are child laborers, 10 million are bonded laborers (a form of slavery to pay off family debts), 13 million are homeless, 2 million are street children without families.
.There is widespread child abuse, and there is a deficit of 40 million girls because of female feticide – over 20,000 ultrasound clinics thrive on this illegal practice. There are 575,000 child prostitutes and there is a massive trade in Bangladeshi and Nepali girls sold into prostitution.
.Malnutrition affects nearly half of all children under age five.
street children eat and share
.The adult literacy rate has a wide discrepancy between males – 73%, and females – 48% (2000-2004).
.Only 59 percent of boys and 47 percent of girls attend Secondary school (1996-2005).
.AIDS has spread rapidly in India and some estimates have said that by 2020 there could be 200 million carrying HIV. 

Paul Ciniraj Ministries concentrate evangelising India and winning souls unto Jesus Christ through caring HIV patiants, orphans and doing adult literacy. Also we distribute Bibles in all language speaking people. We evangelise Muslims too as Underground Church. We seek your sincere prayers and supports.

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