Trust in Christ Than Religion

To know and trust CHRIST is Christianity !
It is not an ism of religion, but it is spirituality !!

Something to believe and do is religion.
Religion doesn’t change hearts
Not bothering about a lost soul
And projecting God without having HIS spirit.
Religion offers the approval of men rather than God.
Religion makes hypocrites of us
Religion makes a hard life harder
Religion makes it easy to deceive ourselves.
Religion hides the key of knowledge
Religion leads its converts astray
Religion leads to fanaticism that grows communalism
Religion is different than spirituality.
Spirituality encourages everybody to get away from sin
And attain salvation of Jesus Christ for the eternal Kingdom
Ancients worshipped God in the spirit and the truth
And were commended in faith as living sacrifice
Wanted generations to hold spirituality than religion.
Lord help us being spiritual saints than the slaves of religion;
That world know we love one another as You loved us.
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